Video On Demand (VOD)

High performance encoding, rich metadata, social media simulcast, bulk ingestions, smart AI powered playlists and lightening fast delivery across combinations of devices, formats, and platforms. With Slike Platform, you have an end-to-end management solution with special tools to grow your business.


Secure live streaming with multiple video quality. High performance with low latency. Broadcasting to millions of users simultaneously with real-time Analytics. Interactive surveys, Q&As, Polls during real-time live stream. Use our live broadcasting platform for Online Live Educational Classes, Webinars, Online Interviews with screen recordings, Live Healthcare Consultancy and much more.


Android & iOS apps for simulcast live streaming and publishing on social media platforms on the go. Video recording, uploading, editing, streaming and analytics on the fly.

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Our reporting dashboards provide you with deep analysis and insights for your real-time and historical data. Get comprehensive and easy to visualise detailed Video Analysis with Audience Retention, User engagement, Platform-wise distribution, Geographical analysis, Custom Reports, and much more.

Features that Make us Unique

From our uber-fast player to smart data-driven recommendations, we provide solutions to support your online video publishing and live broadcasting needs, thereby, helping you achieve audience growth and revenue goals.

Easy Video Management

Quickly upload, transcode and publish your entire video library to deliver video experiences that move audiences.

Interactive Live Streaming

Interactive Live Streaming platform with low latency, security, unlimited concurrency to create events at scale.

High Quality Video Players

Superior experience with feature rich HTML5 player - fast load times, enhanced security and analytics.

Video Analytics

Deep insights into videos performance, user engagement and monetization across devices, platforms & geography.

Security & Reliability

Protect your valuable content with our high standard proprietary security implementation and encryption.

Social Distribution

Maximize social visibility and reach with easy content sharing, Live recordings & simulcasting to social media platforms.


Maximize ad revenue with the right technology and guidance by experts to get the best ad-fill and CPMs.

Native Video

Deliver rich video experiences for Desktop, Mac, Mobile Web and Apps across all iOS and Android devices.

Recommendation Engine

Improve engagement, user experiences with our smart AI & ML based award winning recommendation engine.